FEC8 goes virtual and will be held in mid October. Stay tuned!

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Enabling federation of large-scale experimental facilities to ground the Next Generation Internet. The engineering conferences are a series of technical events organized by Fed4FIRE+ project with the aim to strengthen the interaction among the different stakeholders involved. Conferences provide an opportunity for experimenters to showcase their results, analyze technical requirements from the testbeds and strengthen the community among innovators and facility providers.

Through the Fed4FIRE+ project you, as a researcher or experimenter, can access for free (Open Access) or even get funded to access (through the Open Calls) the largest federation worldwide of Next Generation Internet (NGI) facilities for experimentation. The facilities which you, as SMEs, industry or academia, can use for experimentation, support a wide variety of different technologies, serving a broad range of research and innovation communities and initiatives in Europe, in a reliable and trustworthy way.

FEC8 will be a digital event and it will take place mid-October 2020. 

We will announce soon the FEC8 conference dates together with additional details about agenda, registration and more.

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